Tirana Olympic Park – Sports Hall

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Typology: Sport
Location: rruga “Liman Kaba”, Tirana, Albania;
Program: Olympic Sports Albanian Federations offices building, Albanian Olympic Committee headquarter, National Sport Agency headquarter, National team training center for Weightlifting and Greco-Roman wrestling.
Study area: 8 ha;
Built area: 9.700 sqm;
Year: 2014;
Contracting Authority: Ministry of Education and Sports, Albanian Government;
Contracting status: DEA Studio winner of the design tender;
Position: Project Leader, Urban Planner, Landscape Designer, Architect, MEP;
Activities performed: urban planning, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents and supervision;
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, Archimed SPS, Kejsi 05 sh.p.k;
Actual status: completed.


In 2014 Albanian Government through the Ministry of Education and Sports decided to transform an existing 20,000 m2 area in a new training center for the most prestigious Olympic national sports, revitalizing in contemporary a huge urban important area of Tirana. DEA Studio Masterplan for “Tirana Olympic Park” included an indoor training sport hall for basketball & volleyball, weightlifting and Greco-Roman wrestling training center, indoor swimming pool sport hall, athletic track, soccer training center, an athlete hospitality center and offices of Albanian Olympic Committee and all Albanian Olympic Federations.

The sport hall “Olympic Arena” was basically designed as functional and structural adaption in an existing building, originally designed for the basketball and volleyball training center of a famous Club of Tirana “Dinamo”. The building was never completely finished, due to the club financial problems. The architecture consultant DEA Studio was strongly invited to preserve the existing structure and to design it in a functional training center for the national teams of volleyball and basketball. DEA Studio goes beyond the initial expectations, enlarging the program and proposing a sport hall of 1 400 spectators, mainly dedicated as training center, but potentially used even for different official national and international activities connected to basketball, volleyball, handball, mini-soccer, etc.

DEA Studio tried to bring the energy and vitality to the main façade, faced in front with the main square. The façade itself gets inspiration by what Antonio Sant Elia in his Manifest of Futurist Architecture proclaimed as energy of the building through simple elements of the building organism. 

Like the blood in the veins, the concept of the building energy was brought in the design through the dynamic of the movements, horizontal and diagonal lines of movement, with everything in clear evidence. And to emphasize the energy, not for casualty the main public entrance corresponds with the main gate toward the sport hall, which is also not for casual let it open … in the way you could see the athletes since their warming process before the match. This converge with the concept of energy-synergy, sport-people of all TOP complex.


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