Naim Frashëri promenade, Saranda

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Typology: Waterfront Promenade
Location: Saranda, Albania
Program: Urban Regeneration of existing Promenade “Naim Frashëri”;
Intervention Area: 1.2 km
Year: 2017
Contracting authority: Albanian Development Fund (ADF)
Contracting status: Winner of the open design tender in consortium DEA Studio, Symbiotica and Boom Landscape;
Position: Consortium leader, Architect, Engineering;
Activities performed: Urban design, preliminary design, final design, detail design, materialisation;
DEA Team:
Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri, Ela Çiba, Tea Manaj
SymbioticA Team: Ulrike Bega, Migena Sula, Iva Guco
BOOM Landscape Team: Philomene Van Der Vliet, Jan Maas, Angelo Renna, Mark Spaan
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, ElTeknik sh.p.k, Hydroenergy sh.p.k;
Visualization: Edlir Burrja, Rea Kanani
Actual status: In Progress


The overall objective of this assignment is to develop an integrated design for the renovation of the Naim Frashëri promenade and improve urban infrastructure, enhance tourism assets, and strengthen institutional capacity to support tourism-related local economic development in Sarandë.

The main vision of the masterplan was the creation of an important touristic port-city that could develop in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The staircases and the waterfront were the city’s most distinguished elements and formed the foundation of the urban identity. The Design Proposal emphasize the structure and network of pedestrian circulation. The waterfront promenade acts as the main gathering point, collecting all pedestrian fluxes from up the hill to the seashore.


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