Children’s Cultural Center in Durres

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Typology: Cultural & Education
Location: Durrës, Albania;
Program: Renovation of the existing cultural center;
Intervention Area: 2000 sqm;
Year: 2017;
Contracting authority: Albanian Development Fund;
Contracting status: DEA Studio winner of the open competition;
Position: Project Leader, Landscape Designer, Architect,MEP, Supervisor
Activities performed: preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents and supervision;
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, Elteknik sh.p.k, Mech. Eng. Mirel Mico;
Actual status: ongoing contract and executive design.


Today the Cultural Center is in a degraded state and has constructive problems that have made part of the space unusable and needs to be reconstructed. – The intervention is based on two main aspects:

1. Physical regeneration of the building

2. Architectural regeneration

The project reviews the functional organization, division of spaces, classrooms and adds recreational spaces as important spaces of interactivity, creativity, entertainment, staying, etc. both for young people and for children. The auditorium is complemented by auxiliary facilities such as dressing rooms, stage studios, toilets placed in a volume that is added to the building’s terrace. The project regulates accessibility for persons with disabilities by placing a ramp at the entrance and vertical movement due a platform lift placed near the main stair according to the national and European criteria for persons with disabilities. The longitudinal hall in the ground floor will be treated as an exposure space and will serve as an element of presentation and recognition of the history, achievement and pride of the cultural center. The building is completed with the necessary technical facilities, electric room and mechanical room, which are located on the ground floor. The building’s terrace will be partially covered and will be treated as a summer space for various activities. As for the architectural exterior treatment of the building, the intervention focuses on the volume in the northern part of the building. The southern facade of the building belongs to the period of Italian invasion and has the status of Culture Monument, carries important architectural-historical values and as such it will be preserved, cleaned and restored.



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