Playground and Underground Parking

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Typology: Public space & public parking
Program: public underground parking, city park, children playground, infopoint, bicycle parking,waterfall, fountain, etc;
Location: Rr. “Elbasanit” Tirana, Albania;
Built area: 6 400 sqm;
Year: 2017;
Contracting authority: Municipality of Tirana;
Contracting status: DEA Studio & Infra Trans Project (ITP) winner of the open tender design;
Position: Project Leader, Urban Designer, Landscape Designer, Architect, MEP, Supervisor;
Activities performed: urban design, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents and supervision;
Collaborators: Infra Trans Project (ITP); GBa Studio sh.p.k, Elteknik sh.p.k, Hydroenergy sh.p.k;
Actual status: under construction.


The project conceives the development of a recreational park and playground accessible by all ages. In addition to the recreational function is meant the function of public parking in the service of the city. This is a high-density area and an underground parking helps to release one of the biggest problems of the city of Tirana today. Public parking is designed in two floors and offers 148 parking spaces in total + two parking spaces for people with disabilities.

In the upper part, there is a recreational corner divided into longitudinal modules, in which the various functions of the park are distributed, such as chess games, infopoint, fountains, children’s playground, mirror square etc. . About the greenery, it is thought to behave all typologies of altitudes, low vegetation, medium vegetation and high vegetation. In our own concept the type of vegetation within the same typology should vary to give the park vivacity and different colors. Thus a lively and pleasant atmosphere is created


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