Theatre of Maliq

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Program: Mix-use building
Location: Maliq city, Albania;
Intervention area: 3 215 sqm;
Year: 2018
Contracting status: DEA Studio winner of the open design tender;
Position: Project Leader, Architect, MEP, Supervisor;
Activities performed: urban design, preliminary design, final design, detail design, materialisation;
Actual status: ongoing work


The aim of the project is to provide additional functions to the existing ones, like an auditorium for drama, a library, administration, conference room, dance room, and service spaces, to make a real multifunctional center that can help the stimulation of the social-cultural live of the city. The existing spaces are going to be improved in vizual ,functional and acoustic way. So, actualy actors have a lot of problems and difficulties during their performance because the lack of spaces and stage tower. The project foresses adding the stage tower as a new volume, in the upper part, according to all standards. The down part of the auditorium is going to be in the same level as the main hall, so the public access will be easier than before. A skylight in the hall will improve the lighting and the sense of space. This will be a multifunctional space that will be used also for exhibition and other activities. In the project is proposed a second floor, that functionaly will be used as monodrama hall and like a theater for children. This will be a new modern volume, added in the roof of the building that will be easily distiguished from the other part of the builging with a different type of architecture. So the modern and classic will coexist in this building but at the same time each of them won’t impact the other.


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