Lushnja “Citizen” Square

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Location: Lushnja, Albania
Program: Revitalization of the existing public space
Intervention Area: 28.000sqm
Year: 2015
Contracting authority: Albania Development Fund & Regional Development Fund
Contracting status:
DEA Studio winner of the open competition
Position: Project Leader, Urban Planner, Landscape Designer, Architect, Supervisor
Activities performed: Urban planning, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material and supervision;
Actual status: Completed


The team, headed by DEA Studio, is transforming the city center from the space under the reign of the vehicles to the Citizen City Center (CCC). The large scale of urban intervention definitively decided to liberate the main city square by the massive public parking in North and to connect it with the existing city central park in South, modifying the transportation circulation through two different size ring roads. The first ring provides the public commodity for an unique public space Citizen City Center Square + City Central Park, and the second one (when the proposed segment of the first closes) duplicates the public space, making possible to the Lushnja Citizen to enjoy the evening hours during the warm days.

All the public spaces are conceived to be connected by a 2.5 km of promenade and bike path, which are extended in the North and South bordered by a proposed park and soccer stadium square. The proposed large public space is designed as a ONE, but with an itinerary of diversified functional program, which includes the integration of the existing shopping street along the promenade, open coffee shops, restaurants in the perimeter of the main square, two mini-parks in the main square and respectively in the existing city central park, the monument square, the chess square, the children playground and a space for the elderly.

The different tree typology completes the design with a rich coloristic landscape in every point of view inside the proposed public space. The project addresses, through urban transformation process the human dimension and social interaction, the guide philosophy of DEA





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