Lake Park Entrance

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Program: Park entrance, 3 public buildings (new University building, Police Directorate, Public Service Building), interaction with the existing park and the city urban context;
Location: Ibrahim Rugova Street, Tirana Albania
Study area:
12 ha
Build area: 19.800 m2
Year: 2016
Team: DEA Studio, JDS Architects (Julien De Smedt); 

Contracting authority: Albania Development Fund
Achivement: shortlisted as finalist, ranked as second in the final results;
Position: architect, urban designer local partner
Activities performed: strategic plan, urban design, transport consultant, road engineering, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material and supervision;
Actual status: Project idea


Our project articulates the idea of a series of urban follies in a park. Places to meet and gather in the surroundings of trees, on the edge of the city fabric. Those buildings if they are of substantial size, each manage to weave themselves with public spaces to deconstruct their monumentality: the entrance University functions are literally excavated to let mother Theresa square continues towards the park, the Police Headquarters waves up and down to minimize its impact and frames a protected Oasis in its center and the Public Service building evolves as a roof plaza to offer views to the lake and the park.

The buildings punctuate the city road and create the transition from the city fabric to the park. They alternate with the park in order to allow breathing spaces to permeate into the city. Each building is an interpretation of a cylinder geometry: once excavated, once enforced in plan but softened in section, once inverted into a star shape. Each of those manipulation come from a reasoning between each building’s immediate context and its program: the University building wants to be a gate and therefore frame its environment while it needs to be permeable, the police facilities is a more protected entity and the public services should feel transparent, open and inviting to and from its multiple adjacencies




Idea, Landscape & Urbanism