Theatre of Korca

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Typology: Cultural
Location: Korça, City center;
Program: Interventions design of public space, renovation of the existing building, façade, interior functionality and design, mechanical and electrical system, etc;
Built area: 3 800 sqm;
Year: 2015;
Contracting status: Winner of the open design tender DEA Studio & Bolles + Wilson
Position: Project Leader, Architect,MEP, Supervisor;
Activities performed: preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents and esthetic supervision;
DEA Team: Partners in charge – Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri,
Team leader:
Evis Laze, Edona Çausholli;
Bolles + Wilson team:
Peter Wilson
GBA Studio, Mirel Mico, Kejsi 05
Actual status:


Korça theater “Andon Zako Çajupi” was built in the 1955 with a typical project as three other quite identical theaters in Albania. It was foreseen to be for both cinema and theater and so called “Kino-theater” It was built in the difficult periods after second world war and studied to be a low cost one. After long period of quite 60 years of its use, the building was in a situation of degradation of all its finishes and the main ToR task was its general renovation. DEA Studio analysis discover the necessity of improving:

      1. The main entrance hall space, which was in very low standards, adding another volume to the building;

      2. The main auditorium visibility, acoustic, lighting standards and its remarkable image;

      3. Proscenium and stage standards.

      4. The rehearsal performers zone.

      5. The identity of the main facade faced directly to the main city square.

The design was a continues challenge of DEA Studio team to bring to the Korça citizens and city visitors a new architecture identity for an important building, faced directly with the city center. 

The classical comic mask and dramatic mask were brought in the facade in a big scale to bring a open and continues dialog with the public in the city main square, bringing more attention even to Korça visitors for an important function of a city very famous in Albania for the art and culture. To the facade design were joined even a block of 135 porcelain masks of Korça real citizens in the real human scale, as an alive testimony of the public importance in the theater performance.

The public entrance hall, aforetime very thin and static, actually interpreted as a fluid and large space, which transmit energy-synergy to the public.


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