Korca City Fresh Food Market

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Typology: Tender design
Location: Korça main city entrance, Albania;
Program: Fresh food market, adaption of an existing industrial building, integration with the city
Built area: 2 400 sqm;
Year: 2017;
Contracting authority: Municipality of Korça & IADSA (Italian Albanian Dept for Development Swap Program);
Contracting status: DEA Studio winner of the open designtender;
Position: Project Leader, Urban Designer, Architect, Structural design, MEP
Activities performed: Urban design, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, Elteknik sh.p.k, Hydroenergy sh.p.k;
Actual status: In progress


Korça Municipality, aspiring to join furthermore attraction spots to the city, propose the fresh food market as potential to be one of the hospitality tools of the city to  invite not only its citizens, but even visitors. The Northwest part of the city, a previous industrial area already bankrupt and “catched” by the extension of the city was proposed by the Masterplan a zone to be revitalized as organic part of the city, including the new bus terminal, park, cultural functions, shopping mall, industrial and fresh food market. The main concept of the design is strongly connected with what it is to the visitors their traditional feeling when they get in Korça, equivalent with hospitality and familiarization. Korça is also well known for the skyline of “chimney smoke ensemble” during its long year cold days, that transmit to the visitor visually the feeling of the warmness and familiarity with this adorable human scale city. The design proposes exactly this, of course abstracted in huge and welcoming fireplaces right in the movement intersection lines. People could observe, buy, but even enjoy live the fresh food in a warm and familiar atmosphere. What they should expect in a hospitality house or hotel why not finding in another public function, that meets people.


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