Hotel Tower

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Program: Urban design and Architecture of Hotel Tower included in the Tirana City Center Masterplan;
Location: Existing Train Station, Tirana
Study area:
15 ha
Built area: 36,000 sqm
Contracting authority: Municipality of Tirana;
Achivement: Shortlisted as finalists, ranked as third in the final results
Position: Project Leader, Urban Planner, Landscape Designer, Architect;
Activities performed: Urban design,  architecture preliminary design, public presentation


The sought “rigid” geometry of the building is broken right in the center of the hospitality volume not by case. The transparent, light reflective glass of the hotel vertical lobby will melt in its skin two natural permanent contextual elements PARK & SKY. The ground floor is conceived to be the arena of social life, interaction and exchange. The designed city square under the volume of the hotel multifunctional auditorium, beyond of being a pre lobby/entrance for the hotel is a meeting place for the people of the neighborhood and not only. Urban cardo (main street) and decumano (neighborhood pedestrian path) cross not by case in the square, bringing there a lot of transit movements, that enrich the urban atmosphere of the proposed complex, but mostly contributes in the social life of the area and the city.




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