General Local Plan of Himara

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Typologoy: General Local Plan of Himara (GLP)
Himara, Albania
Year: 2015
Client: Municipality of Himara, Ministry of Urban Planning and Tourism
Position: Project Leader, Urban planner, Urban economist, Legal Expert, Environmentalist, GIS Expert
Activities performed: Project leading, Urban planning, GIS expertise, Environmental expertise, Legal Expertise, Urban Economics expertise
Actual status: Completed (GLP in power)
Partners in charge: Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri


PROJECT TEAM:                  

DEA Studio: Athanasios Pagonis, Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Taçi, Michail Zekkos, Mirlinda Rusi-Gajo, Suzana Gjokutaj, Emil Xhuvani, Kujtim Onuzi, Ela Çiba

“THYMIO PAPAYANNIS AND ASSOCIATES SA” and distinctive title “TPA” : Ivi-Kleio Nanopoulou, Nikolao Karadhimitriu, Christos Costantinou, Georgios Dimitropoulos, Efthymios Dimopoulos, Dimitrios Poulios

ADVISORS AND EXPERTS: Dhimitri Kristidhi (Electrical engineer), Bledi Alla (Geological/GIS Expert), Leonard Bilaj (Environmental engineer), Agron Çaushi (lawyer), Entela Mejdiaj (lawyer), Vasil Stavro (agronomist), Marin Haxhimihali (Monuments Expert), Efthymios Dimopoulos (Urban Planner/GIS expert), Dimitrios Poulios (GIS expert), Klodian Gumeni (Hydromechanics engineer), Alban Janushaj (Hydromechanics engineer), Kledian Kaso (Hydromechanics engineer), Marin Haxhimihali (Historian)


Himara coast line represents the diamond of Albanian coastline. The rocky breathtaking beaches along the coastline are accompanied in parallel by the miracle of the mountains range landscape. This was enough for DEA Studio approach on General Local Plan of Himara. The plan resolves the biggest problem of the access of this touristic territory, planning the “backstage” high speed roads, which will make possible the connection with Tirana in less than 2 hours right in the middle of the Himara perimeter coastline (Borsh). The other “backstage” road will be the connection of Himara with Vlora airport in less than 1 hour (bypassing: 1.the city of Vlora through the bypass road and the Llogara Mountain through a 2km tunnel), which will give a normal access of this area to the international tourism. The South perimeter of Himara coastline will be covered in less than 30 minutes by the future Saranda airport. The amazing nature will be not influenced by the new proposed roads, which will be behind the “curtains” (mountain range). In contrary the new roads will give access to the local and international tourism in these territories, but at the same time even to the agro bio products, that are actually isolated. The General Local Plan has suggested and proposed low intensity developments for the future preserving as much as possible the territory by the macro invasion of the tourism, in an articulated balance of the tourism economy and nature ecology.




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