Durres City Market

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Typology: Open Market, Public Space
Location: Rr. “Mozaikeve” Durresi, Albania;
Program: Revitalization of the existing city market, new public spaces;
Intervention area: 9.300 sqm;
Year: 2017;
Contracting authority: Albanian Development Fond;
Contracting status: DEA Studio winner of the open competition;
Position: Project Leader, Urban Designer, Landscape Designer, Architect,MEP, Supervisor;
Activities performed: urban design, preliminary design, final design, detail design, material, tender documents and supervision;
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, Elteknik sh.p.k, Hydroenergy sh.p.k;
Actual status: ongoing contract and executive design;


Durresi City Market, today a functional market of the city and close to the several city neighbourhoods, tends to be an important city attraction and tourist destination. Today isolated in the urban context of the city center crossed around by existing buildings and motorways, it will be part of a countinous public space dedicated to pedestrians.


The city market will not be furthermore a service to be only reached purposely, but a welcoming and pleasant transit way for the zone, where it is located and a tourist itinerary destination. Architecture of the structure is based on ETFE technology, which fulfill all the design concept targets, like the coexistence of daylight and perfect thermal insulance. The daylight brings in the market the Mediterranean atmosphere and exalts the exposed fruits, egetables, etc.



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