Down Town One

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Type: Local Partner

Program: Rezidential, Business, Offices, Underground Parking

Location: Tirana

Built area: 60.000 sqm;

Client: Downtown One, Kastrati Group

Position: Local partner, Architect, Detail Design team Leader

Actual status: In Progress

Year: 2019;

Principle in charge: Winy Mass

Project Director: Stefan de Konig

MVRDV TEAM: Winy Maas, Stefan de Koning, Sanne van der Burgh, Ronald Hoogeveen, Guido Boeters, Boris Tikvarski, Angel Sanchez Navarro, Thomas Boerendonk, Stavros Gargaretas, Akshey Krishna Ventakesh, Katarzyna Nowak, Manuel Magnaguagno

DEA TEAM: Partners in charge – Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri, Team Leader- Genti Shtembari, BIM Expert- Ubaldo Soligno, Lorela Bregu, Henri Bardhi, Sonila Siço, Edona Çausholli

Activities performed: Consultant in the preliminary design, project leader for the design stages: design development, construction permit, detail design, materialization, tender documents, construction design and supervision.

Collaborators: Structure ARUP LEAL CSE, MEP ARUP, EL TEKNIK, GEO SKY

Vizualization: Antonio Luca Coco, Davide Calabro,Pavlos, Ventouris, Francesco Vitale, Edlir Burrja

The project proposes the increase of a vertical volume which contrasts with the relatively low volumes around. Centers of all major metropolises of the United States and Europe have their down-town centers, focusing mainly on shopping centers and representatives of major national and international businesses.

Downtown One Tower with its strategic position in Tirana along the boulevard “Bajram Curri” has the potential to become a fantastic landmark for the city. Being the tallest building in Albania and the floors, which vary in volumes, creates an impressive look. The nature of the design is based on the silhouette of the Albanian territory and its morphology. The height of the wristlet reaches 140.6 m and will show up in the silhouette of the city.

The elevated volume is now rolling back to orientate at Skanderbeg Square. Creating a longitudinal section module allows better management of plans and formatting of the object itself. The module is played by creating push and exit in its northern and southern part forming the silhouette of the map of Albania.

In Progress, Projects, Residential & Mix Use