Bud Tower

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Program: Urban design and Architecture of Bud Tower included in the Tirana City Center Masterplan;
Location: Existing Train Station, Tirana
Study area:
15 ha
Built area: 38,000 sqm
Contracting authority: Municipality of Tirana;
Achivement: Shortlisted as finalists, ranked as third in the final results
Position: Project Leader, Urban Planner, Landscape Designer, Architect;
Activities performed: Urban design,  architecture preliminary design, public presentation


We have evidenced this area of the city as a big event, which is going to landmark strongly the future of Tirana metropolis and we preferred to stop at this event, to memorize it, to celebrate it and at least to sculpture it through our design in the visual memory of the citizens. It was our design choice to metaphorize it through a bud and its blooming inertial moment as a birth symbolic of a new born city area. It would be really the first tower to take and reflect this special psychological and visual charge, being not only the first tower in a long range of other 85 m towers but even the most exposed one in the urban context and especially the frame of the historical axis-boulevard (zogu i I-re) image.




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