Borea Ski Resort, Peja

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Project: Borea Ski Resort, Peja
Client: Leitner AG SPA & Filav SA
Competition Jury: Leitner AG SPA & Filav SA and Peja Municipality
Competition Winners: DEA Studio & Vizion Project
Program: “Borea Square”, “Peja City Center – Borea Square” boulevard, 5 ⭐️ Hotel of 200 rooms, 100 Apart-hotel, commercial center, cable car station, Ski training center, 250 underground parkings, etc.


Peja will have on the near future a pedestrian boulevard & biking track of 1.2 km in its urban structure, that will connect Peja center with the proposed “Borea” square, as finalization of the recreational and functional pathway. This represents DEA studio macro scale conceptual proposal on the macro context of the city.

Finalization of the boulevard with cable car station, as a precise destination for the city, stimulates the design team to conceive the space around it as a public square with all the proper facilities in its perimeter geometry. The area around the cable car station is designed to be physically formulated by the volume of the hotel in the Western orientation of the site and the apart hotel in the Southern one. The square itself is conceived to be not completely a flat one but it will be special with its “visual movement”. The trick of changing silhouettes through the interpretation of the ground level as the continuity of the existing hilly terrain morphology of the site East orientation. The arrival in “Borea” square will give to the people the impression of a space shared in between the nature and human creation. At the same time it will be a preliminary psychological preparation for their later on nature destination towards the mountains. The square will have its focal element, as a vice-versa arrival point, the cable car station. Its deconstructivist architecture is not by case …, but … like an urban sculpture properly in the gravity area, it could sign the landmark of “Borea Resort”.

The silhouette changes and the architecture “play” with the alternation of the levels does not remain a detached detail of the entire “urban scenery” of the complex. It is clearly identified even in the architecture of the resort, through the silhouette of the proposed buildings, which appears “troubled”, but not occasionally in analogy with the wonderful silhouette of the Mountains on their background. All around the functional urban space will appear a different silhouette with different emotions and spatial effects, that could potentially stick up the complex itself and could be … why not … its identikit noted in the world of global tourism.

The resort will be not dedicated only to the winter season sports, but long year with different sports like, hiking, mountain biking, alpinist, skateboard‍, rollers, ping pong, basketball, volleyball, etc.



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