Bolv Hospitality Complex

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Typologogy: Bolv Hospitality Complex
Location: Durresi Str, Tirana, Albania
Client: “BOLV-OIL” sh.a;
Built Area: 72.000 sqm
Year: 2018
Assignment: DEA Studio
Position: Project Leader, Architecture, Interior Design of the common spaces;
Activities performed: Preliminary design, final design, detail design and supervision;
Collaborators: GBa Studio sh.p.k, Hydro & Energy sh.p.k, Kejsi 05 sh.p.k;
Actual status: In Progress


The “Bolv Hospitality Complex” a 70,000 sqm program/design aims to transform the city transit way of Tirana, “Durresi” street, in a permanent invitation through an apparent urban gate. This gate is modelled/abstracted in between two main functions of the program, hospitality and office building, both connected with a multifunctional bridge volume in their highest floors.


The complex invitation card is designed to be more evident even through an urban bridge, that connects two street sides. The bridge  acrosses the complex gate, amplifying the urban invitation impact and facilitating the interactivity between two quite separated neighbourhoods.


The facade of the gate clean and cool one, reserving the spectacularity of the intervention right in its entrance with a distinguished red volume in symbiosis with the red urban bridge, identifying even the separation/connection between two volumes of 5 star hotel and office building.


In the inner part of the site are located different services/facilities and a student hotel. The dormitory building program is a mixed one, well evidenced in the volume interpretation, through modularity of the standard rooms and “its skin explosions” right in the common building functions and spaces. The project tent to give proper impulse of development in a new born neighbourhood.



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