Interview of our CEO Ervin Taçi in the BIG See Architecture award 2019.

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Why did you become an architect?
I’ve become an architect because initially I grew in an art family, my father was a famous artist painter in Albania.
I grew with the principle of composition, proportions and colours. Further I discovered my abilities in geometry in elementary school and everything was going in one direction, the final inspiration became a very close familiar who was one of the noted architects in the 80s in Albania. His talks about urbanism and architecture were breathless and I got my way.

What is your driving force?
I’d say that my driving force in my early years of university studies I have passed that common period that every artist in its embryo has it, the instant of creation, creation in abstract without limits. Later, in the maturity periods, I really understood that our creation could not satisfy our individual egoism only, and my driving force of course of our office is directed in everyday work to produce as much as possible public spaces and buildings that create synergy between people. Every day, every project is a challenge to achieve that target, social interaction.

What is your vision of the future?
The world is becoming smaller and smaller, the level of communication and experience exchanges are growing with the technologic innovations, what is happening is magnificent, but the trend of globalisation should keep our societies awakened.
The staggering economic expansion should not forego the sense of humanism. Everyone should carry its own part in the everyday life. We as architects have the potential of changing the people’s life, let’s do it!

Interview published by BIG SEE Architecture