Alket Meslani was born on September 06, 1974. His early natural attraction to beauty, creativity, design and technology led him to a career in architecture. In 2000, immediately after the graduation, his self-confidence and management skills induce him to co-found Design Engineering Architecture Studio DEA Studio l.t.d. The brilliant combination of his professional abilities with the practical and executive interactivity in opportune and prompt decisions with clients grew and progressed DEA Studio in years.



Ervin Taçi born on February 17, 1974, early matured with the art sensitivity in an artist family, co-founded Design Engineering Architecture Studio DEA Studio l.t.d in 2000. He is known for his innovative and ambitious projects, defying traditional architectural conventions and dimensions. He constantly introduces sustainable and social concepts in his designs and at the same time, tries to achieve a balance between the playful and practical approaches in architecture. Guest professor at Albanian Architecture Faculty in Tirana, Member of the Leading Board of Albanian Architecture Association (AAA) and CEO of DEA Studio l.t.d since its foundation, Ervin Taçi enjoys a wide reputation as urban designer and architect, after an intense series of awarded competitions and assigned works.



Responsability: Mechanical engineer

Year of graduation: 1976

Faculty attended: Polytechnic university of Tirana, faculty of mechanical enginery


  1. Mechanical engineer in Elbasan steel factory 1976-1978
  2. Mechanical engineer in the mechanical enterprise in Tirana 1979-1981
  3. Mechanical engineer in the ministry of internal commerce 1981-1983
  4. Head engineer in the commerce equipment factory u.m.p.t 1983-1985
  5. Director in the refrigerator directory of the ministry of internal commerce 1985-1988
  6. Chairman in the design state company of commerce and the tourist state building network in Albania 1988-1991
  7. General administrator in the construction enterprise “I.C.O” L.t.d 1992-2004
  8. President of architectural design company “DEA STUDIO” L.t.d since 2002