Architecture offers identity, stimulation, reflection, fun, orientation and security. DEA Studio l.t.d is fascinated by the interplay of different levels of scale and thinking: the scale of the city and that of mankind; thinking in abstraction and thinking in tangibility. The cohesion of these levels is not to be found in one compulsive dogmatic theme, but rather in different concepts and concrete projects. The exploring attitude is not to find definitive answers, but to raise questions in order to continue the reflective and research working method for the future innovations of the common worldwide society.



DEA Studio was born in Tirana, Albania in 2002 as a challenge of a young generation nucleus of architects to go beyond the borders, in an open mind philosophy, toward the most contemporary international tendencies.  The name “DEA” is not a casualty other than symbol of a national and international cultural heritage as Dea of Butrinti sculpture is (UNESCO heritage status). It was and continuous to be as magical as hard to represent dignitously this name, but absolutely a stimulus. DEA Studio philosophy starts at what roman architect Vitruvius centuries ago in his “de architectura” proclaimed, as three qualities of a building firmitas, utilitas, venustas (durable, useful, and beautiful), continues to the definition of a specific concept and identity for each creature we try to bring in life and doesn’t end in terms of limits. In the center of our attention is the concept of social interaction in a further and more metro-megapolitan world of waste human values.



DEA Studio sh.p.k represents one of the most qualified and prestigious urban planning and architectural companies in Albania with a large portfolio of projects in Tirana, Albanian territory and abroad. The Company has more than 180 assigned projects from Albanian and International companies in specific architectural design works in and more than 130 finalized works. Many of which have been contracted by public institutions targeting public spaces and buildingssuch as: Masteplan of Vlora, Masteplan of Himara, Masterplan of Saranda, Masterplan of Konispol, Masterplan of Kashar (240ha), Lushnja city center revitalization Lot 1 & Lot 2, Qeparo waterfront Lot 1 & Lot 2, Durana Tirana-Durresi Economic Corridor lot (3), Korça Medieval Museum, Korça Theatre, “Korça bazaar and Iliaz Bej Mirahori Mosque square revitalization, Tirana Olympic Park masterplan, Sport hall “Feti Borova”, Albanian Olympic Committee offices, Maliq theatre and next to that a number of projects contracted by private clients like: industrial buildings Titan Cement Factory, Oil products terminal in Porto Romano, office buildings Albania Tower 136 m high, Reiffeisen headquarter in Tirana; hotels (“Hilton Hotel” of 200 rooms near “Mother Thereza” Airport, Intercontinental Hotel of 150 rooms near Lidosta Airport of Riga in Latvia; schools “Turgut Ozal” College, “Memorial International School of Tirana”, “Ernest Koliqi”, Jan Kukuzeli Art School in Durres, Jusuf Puka high school; religious buildings “Mosque and Community Center in Farka Commune,  Islamic Learning Center, administration & mix-use in Shkodra and residential buildings and complexes with amongst others more than 70 apartment buildings and 22 villas projects.


DEA Studio has collaborated with well-known international architectural offices such as Hijjas Kasturi Architects, M.V.R.D.V, H.L.T. Henning Larsens Tegnestue, l’AUC, AtenaStudio, Bollson+Wilson and JDS Architects. Moreover, DEA Studio has been awarded as winner of open national competitions in 18 occasions and internationally awarded as winner in the international open international competition ofDurana Tirana-Durresi Economic Corridor”, Winner of “Borea Ski resort” in Peja, Kosovo, third place in the international competition “New Parliamentary complex of the Republic of Albania” and the third place in the international competition “Tirana Train Station Towers”.